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Apalis Duo

Electronic & Songwriting performers

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Copyrights and Master Owners

We are jealous of what we do. As 100% owners of publishing copyrights and mastering recordings on our music, we will think twenty times before giving them away. Having said that, we need good labels and good publishers of our catalogue, that is growing day after day.

All our works are officially registered.

Our Collecting Partner

We are registered with Soundreef, that administrates in exclusive a part of our catalogue and all the rights concerning Live performances, Radio/Tv syncronization, Online interactive, Background Music and Mechanical royalty.


We look for labels to publish, share and sell our recordings. Ideally, we would appreciate to partner labels whose direction is not too far from our style, a combination of Electronic & Songwriting, blinking at Pop.

We’ d also appreciate a lot if you may offer us a booking service for promoting our Lives in your region/country, since we are available to go everywhere.

Looking forward to helping your brand to sell good recordings, we finally advice that we will not consider labels that would ask us money for being published.

Labels we love to work with

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Amselcom Berlin Sad Sad Christmas – Ep 7th of December 2018

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